[Homemade] Potato Soup

[Homemade] Potato Soup


800g of waxy potatoes
200g of celery root
200g of carrots
1 whole leek
400g of cabanossi
1l of beef broth
200g of creme fraiche
300g of frozen peas
Oil for frying
Parsley as garnish


Peel, cut into small pieces and clean all the vegetables.

Put 1/4 of potato and carrots aside, lightly fry the rest of the veggies in a pot.

Add the beef broth and cook for 15 minutes or until veggies can be blended with a hand blender.

Blend the veggies until you have a smooth consistency.

Add the rest of the potatoes and carrots and boil until you get the consistency you want, I prefer them a little firmer.

Add the frozen peas 5 minutes before finishing.

Cut cabanossi into disks and fry until they are browned.

Add the creme fraiche and the cabanossi to the soup.

Add soup to a plate and garnish with parsley.

It’s a really simple recipe but it’s one of my favorite things to cook.

Source: i.imgur.com